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Great People with Top Training Skills

Our highly-prepared teachers take on the role of co-learners, observers, facilitators, and researchers as they participate in
the children’s active exploration of their learning environment.

Each teacher performs different duties in the class, which
include asking questions, taking notes, recording the children’s conversations, observing, listening, and taking photographs.

All of these duties serve as a powerful source of documentation that will make the learning experiences children live throughout their early childhood years visible.

Teachers will provide endless encouragement in every class to help foster the children’s curiosity to go forth on their own.

Under their guidance, children will learn from each of the distinct “fields of knowledge,” which include mathematics, science, language, social studies, art, music, and literature.

This stimulation will in turn lead to events in the child’s daily
life which will put him or her on the path toward lifelong communication skills and confidence.


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